This is our LD33 Post Compo entry. This version has new and improved features! View Original Entry
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Ludum Dare 33 – You Are The Monster!

You are the final boss in a newly released RAID dungeon.
Players from across the globe are partying up take you down and steal your loot.
Stop them!

WASD / ↑←↓→ – Movement
1 / J / NUM1 – Ground Smash Attack
2 / K / NUM2 – Twin Lazor Attack
3 / L / NUM3 – Mega Lazor Attack (RAGE MODE only)

Developer Notes

We spent some time after the LD33 competition improving, tweaking & adding a few new features to the game.

This includes:
– One new hero types (mage, ranged attack)
– Two new boss attacks (twin lazor & mega lazor)
– A new RAGE MODE ability (when low HP, player gets double movement and attack speed. Also unlocks mega lazor)
– One new music track (for rage mode)
– More character barks
– More character names
– Fancy particle effects / lighting tweaks
– Smarter AI
– Balancing

We hope you enjoy these improvements, obviously we’d love to add a load more – but as the base code was all written within 72 hours on very little sleep, we’d be better off making it again from scratch :)

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